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Seasonal Eating: Start this Winter


Small Steps, Big Changes These days making decisions about how to eat in the most healthful manner can be a difficult and confusing task.  Each person’s unique constitution requires variation in the types of foods that are eaten, therefore no one diet is right for everyone.  The quest for reliable information concerning optimum nutrition reveals one diet guru after another espousing what they believe to be the right way to eat.  One day the prescription for finding healthy food includes a diet high in protein, the next day it could be low fat.  We are told to eat an abundance of complex carbohydrates for plentiful energy, yet recent information denounces a high complex carbohydrate diet.  What is a poor health seeker to do?  Most of us throw up our hands and decide to do the best that we can to stay healthy, never really being sure that we are doing it right. So what is right?  How can we find our way through this maze of nutritional material and do the very best for both short and long-term good health?  The answer lies in these basic and sound guidelines which have been proven helpful to people in their quest for a healthful diet regime.  One must start with the understanding that food, along with being a pleasurable experience, is also our best medicine.  Taken in the proper doses and form, food can heal and balance us – yet taken improperly can make us chronically ill. People need to better understand…

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