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healthy slow cooker beef burgundy – Healthy Seasonal Recipes


Here is a slow cooker variation of the classic French recipe for Beef Burgundy. It is slowly braised beef, mushrooms and carrots in rich red wine sauce. I added a little bit of bacon and maple syrup to this recipe to make it even better! It is the perfect recipe to bring in the cooler weather!

Last weekend I was in Austin, and was reminded of the fact that while I live in Vermont, and we are in the middle of fall foliage, the rest of the country is still having some warmer weather. Here in Vermont however, fall is assuredly here.

Yesterday I woke up to a view from my kitchen window of Mount Mansfield, the highest peak in the state, with a dusting of snow above the tree line. Last night we had a frost warning, so I stole a moment before it got dark to get out into the garden to cut all of the remaining basil. We brought in a large bundle of rosy hydrangea blooms so they wouldn’t turn brown. Jase lit a fire. We’ve got our fluffy winter comforters on the beds now. It’s sweater weather.

And not to brag, but the Vermont foliage this year is unparalleled! Just magnificent, and it seems like very little of the leaves have dropped yet.


We’re there. It’s fall. It’s the cooler half of the year.

So, like it or not, it’s time for the slow cooker to get it’s work out. Time to bust out the red wine and the braising cuts of meat. The stewing vegetables. The comfort food recipes!

Beef Burgundy is about as perfect as it can get for this type of weather. I made this one over and over again to get it just right. I wanted to make sure you all would love it! There were two things I did which I think made a big difference in why this is so yummy and I want to tell you why I did them.

One, I added a touch of maple syrup. I did this because I felt that the earlier tests of the recipe were too sharp and acidic from the wine. The sweet caramel flavors from the maple balance it out.

The second thing I did was I thickened the sauce with beurre manie, a mixture of softened room temperature butter and flour that is whisked into a sauce or stew to thicken it as it simmers. I had tried to use corn starch in previous tests, but I felt that the sauce was too wan. The butter and flour mixture really gives the red wine sauce a velvety mouth feel of a true Beef Bourguignon. I only needed two tablespoons of butter to do the trick, but it makes all the difference.

What was really surprising to me was the bonus of what happened to the maple flavor when I made the switch from cornstarch to butter and flour. The butter really brought out the maple flavor, and the maple brought out the butter flavor. This has to do with the fact that butter and maple are BFFs (In case you missed it, I was talking about these BFFs a couple weeks ago when I made maple apple crisp. See tip #4. ) The same phenomenon is true in savory dishes.

Friends, please come back and let me know if you try this dish! I love hear from you! Leave me a comment, or shout out on social media!

Has the foliage been changing in your area?
What is the fall weather like there?
Have you had a frost?
Have you made Beef Burgundy or beurre manie before?

healthy slow cooker beef burgundy

This Beef Burgundy is a healthy slow cooker variation of the classic French recipe. Grass fed beef, mushrooms and carrots are braised in a rich red wine sauce. A bit of bacon and a touch of maple syrup are added to make it the perfect fall dinner recipe for the cooler weather!



To make ahead: Prepare through step 3 and refrigerate overnight. Continue with step 4, adding 30 minutes to total initial cooking time before stirring in the butter and flour mixture.


Did you make this recipe?

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