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Epic Games gifts employees seasonal Fortnite pins


The first images of official seasonal Fortnite pins have released. These pins are exclusive to employees and developers who worked on a particular season.

These pins are meant to commemorate the team at Epic Games for their hard work on making Fortnite what it is today.

It’s likely a very rewarding feeling to own all 6 of the pins, knowing that your contributions to the game have had a significant impact on millions of players.

via /r/FortniteBR

Season 1

The Season 1 pin features a Golden Umbrella, likely to represent the birth and simplicity of Fortnite Battle Royale at the time. This decision also has players once again begging for a Golden Umbrella Glider reward, perhaps in due time.

Season 2

The Season 2 pin features a dragon on a red shield, a direct reference to the Red Knight Skin’s Back Bling which released around the same time.

Season 3

The Season 3 pin features what appears to be a meteor surrounded by flames, likely going through the atmosphere. This is a reference to the meteor events of Season 3 & 4.

Season 4

The Season 4 pin features the Visitor’s Rocket Ship, signifying a tremendous milestone for Epic Games. The Rocket launch was the first real-time in-game event in Fortnite.

Season 5

The Season 5 pin features the mask of the Drift Skin, this theme played a huge part in the original teasing and marketing for Fortnite’s 6th Season.

Season 6

While not pictured in the original image, Eric Williamson entered the Reddit thread to showoff the Season 6 pin.

The Season 6 pin features the notorious Cube, casually known as Kevin. Kevin played a unique role in Fortnite’s 6th Season, traveling around and transforming the entire map.

via Eric Williamson

With Fortnite Season 7 currently ongoing, an official pin has yet to be revealed (or likely created). Congratulations to the team at Epic Games for the success that is Fortnite!

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