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Mom Is Told Shes In For Christmas Surprise, Then Finds Out Shes Going On European Trip Of A Lifetime


We all have that one special gift that has been in the back of our minds (and at the top of our Christmas lists!) for years. Although said gift might be too expensive or out of reach, you can’t help but hold on to hope that a Christmas miracle is in the cards.

This video captures the moment that a 60-year-old mom’s Christmas dreams came true when she opened the very gift she’d been hoping to received over the last decade.

Although the family remains unnamed, many of us can relate to the gathering around a kitchen table this holiday weekend with all sorts of extended family.

The mother’s daughter is on the speaker phone and says, “We have a special surprise for you.” She goes on, “It’s a special Christmas and birthday present.”

The daughter continues to explain that family members helped chip in to make the gift a reality. She gives the names of 12 generous people who all pitched in to purchase the present of a lifetime.

Next, the mother who is waiting in anticipation is handed an envelope. She opens it to reveal a trip to Scotland that she has always wanted, and she can’t hold back the tears.

The description of the clip on YouTube, uploaded by the daughter, reads, “My mom’s been wanting to go to the U.K. for 10+ years, and as a 60-year-old woman she’s only been out of the country once in her life. Well, the gang got together and pitched in for her trip of a lifetime.”

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