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Elderly Couple Hangs Thousands Of Lights In April To Prepare For Their Annual Christmas Show


How early do you start getting ready for Christmas? November 1st, after Thanksgiving, or a week before the holiday?

But for Gene and Mary Halliwell, they start much earlier than you’d expect. They are outside of their house and getting ready in April!

For the last 17 years, Gene and Mary have been creating a Christmas wonderland using lights and decorations to make their house as festive as possible.

The Fairfield, Connecticut uses over 350,000 lights and 800 decoration pieces to create their masterpiece. It’s no wonder it takes them so long to set everything up!

Their daughter, Maryanne, helps them get the set up ready, which debuts every year on Thanksgiving Day, at 5 P.M.!

The family needs 30 circuits to run all of the lights and there is over 1,000 feet of running train, dozens of Santas, nutcrackers, figurines, and a giant sleigh! The family invites the members of the community to come join their Christmas spirit and look at their decorations!

If you thought this Christmas house was beautiful, you will also love this family that dedicated their annual decorations to the late Prince with a musical accompaniment of “Purple Rain.”

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