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Camera Catches Mariah Carey Singing Christmas Songs In The Car, Then Camera Switches To Adele


James Corden has become increasingly popular over the past few years for his hilarious and likable personality.

He’s got his own talk show, and ahugestaple in his career has become his Carpool Karaoke videos.

If you haven’t seen them before, you need to. But before you dive into the Christmas carpool below, I’ll give you a bit of an explanation.

Each video goes out on The Late Late Show with James Corden YouTube channel, and almost every single time they get millions of views and shares.

Why is that? Not just because James is adorable and entertaining, but it’s because of who he picks up to carpool with.

Every video is a different celebrity, sometimes even more than one, and every single car ride is a mix between silly conversation and hysterical jamming out in the car.

He’s very smartbecause it’s all very relatable. There are no interview chairs, there’s no seriousness to it, it’s all just talking in a car and singing at the top of their lungs like crazy people. Which is what we all do when we’re behind closed doors in our car anyway, right?

Well, for the Christmas Carpool Karaoke,we’re shown Mariah Carey in the beginning shot. Which is expected, who doesn’t love “All I Want For Christmas Is You?”

But, the best part is, the camera soon starts switching back to a bunch of the best celebrity carpools from throughout the year. You will not want to miss this sing-a-long.

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