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Singapore Nightlife


The nightlife in Singapore is known for being diverse. With something for everyone, you are sure to find a nice little corner where you can escape and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Singapore. Here are a few tips for finding a good place for a night out if you are on a romantic getaway, a trip with friends, or a short business trip.

1) Enjoying a cocktail – Singapore is not just a place to go to enjoy a Singapore Sling. There are many nice cocktail bars where you can unwind after a day of sightseeing or relaxing. Be aware that many cocktail bars in Singapore have dress codes, so make sure you are dressed appropriately. If you try to get in with flip-flops and a bathing suit, you may be turned away. Some of the well known ones include Long Bar, a pricy venue popular with tourists, The Forbidden City, which requires an expensive vodka shot to gain entry, and Loof, a great place to get a view of the city while enjoying some quality drinks.

2) Live music – If you prefer a club that offers live music, Singapore has something for you. You can check out some of the clubs that are popular with expats, to hear some English music, like Durty Nelly’s or Prince of Wales, or try Crazy Elephant to hear some local guitarists try their hand at the blues.

3) Dance club – Looking for something more than a drink? Singapore has more than its fair share of dance clubs, but if you are looking for something special, you may try the club Home, with its mix of beat and punk music. Or Retro if you want a more traditional dance disco vibe. If you like hip hop you can check out Butter Factory.

4) Ice bar – Looking to cool off after a day of over 100 degree heat? Check out one of Singapore’s many ice bars and drink your vodka from a shot glass made from ice while trying to keep cool in subzero temperatures. There is Bar Cocoon, which even has snow on its floors and can only serve vodka, it is so cold. Or Snow City Ice Bar where everything is made of ice. Make sure you dress appropriately, but don’t worry, there are parkas on hand to wear to keep you warm. The alcohol helps, too.

Respect the rules! Remember in Singapore they have rather strict rules about littering, such as no cigarette butts, no gum, and no graffiti. Make sure that you do not get so intoxicated during your night out that you violate local law.