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Dublin – 4 Fun Places for the Entire Family


Dublin offers an extensive host of activities for families wanting their children to experience their once in a lifetime visit in a fun and memorable way. With the majority of these activities being outdoors, you will want to plan your visit in the warmer months to take the fullest advantage of all that is available.

Kart City Raceway – A wonderful time of fun and adventure awaits families at Kart City Raceway, right in the boundaries of Dublin, just 5 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from the city center. The track is a full 1km and is made of smooth asphalt, conducive for speeding around curves and down straightaways, and it is fully lit for night racing. The track is 7m wide, which allows plenty of room for passing other racers. Every race is timed by a professional system, so you’ll know exactly what your lap time was. All races are closely supervised by trained professional racers, for the safety of its participants.

Fort Lucan Outdoor Adventureland – Designed for children ages 2 through 14, Fort Lucan is an outdoor adventure playground, fully supervised by a fun staff. There are secret slides, 40 foot towers, and aerial runways with zip lines. Featuring two gigantic waterslides full of twists and turns, your kids will keep cooled off while having the time of their lives. One of the slides is actually billed as a water-coaster! The Waterfall slide is a 40 foot straight drop into a pool of water. There is a Viking themed miniature golf course where children can challenge their parents, and a fully supervised go-cart track. Children under the age of 5 can climb, dig, and play in mini-Fort Lucan, complete with baby go-karts, a huge sandpit, and aerial runways.

The Dublin Zoo – Located in Phoenix Park, in the heart of Dublin, the zoo is world-renowned as one of the best. This is a great place to learn about wild animals, with an emphasis placed on endangered species. Since the zoo is registered as non-profit, your families visit will help fund their upkeep, and their many conservation programs. The zoo welcomes over a million visitors annually, and is home to over 400 animals.

The Zoological Museum – Here you will find the most extensive collection of animals from Ireland and abroad, boasting a total collection of over 25,000 specimens.

These are but just a few activities awaiting your family. Dublin is also a city full of parks and museums, so there is always something worthwhile for the entire family, regardless of age.