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4 Very Popular Theme Parks in Norway


Norwegians place a high premium on family life and they love children, so if you and your family’s interest in Norway has spiked because of the Disney film Frozen, you’ll want to visit the country that inspired the animated movie series and experience the fjords and northern lights first-hand. While you’re there, you’ll also want to check out Norway’s fun-filled theme parks, which are some of the best in Scandinavia — there’s bound to be a theme park to match your family’s interests, whether you’re into water parks, roller coasters, zoos or bobsled runs. Here’s information about some of Norway’s most popular theme parks:

Bø Sommarland has Norway’s biggest water roller coaster, one of the world’s largest waves for surfing and 20+ pools and water slides for children and adults, including “Magasuget” — a freefall water slide, and a playground for children. Bø Sommarland is located in Telemark, which is 50 miles from Oslo.

Open: June-August
Hours: 10-5 weekdays, 10-7 weekends
Admission: $50 adults/$48 children
Children under 37″ and seniors 75+ years old: free admission
Bø Sommarland Waterpark
Steintjønnvegen 2
3800 Bø i Telemark Norge
Phone: +47 35 06 16 00 +47 35 06 16 00
Fax: +47 35 06 16 01 +47 35 06 16 01
E-mail: informasjon@sommarland.no informasjon@sommarland.no
Website: Bø Sommarland

This park has the Freia Chocolate Factory where children can make their own Norwegian chocolate, one of Norway’s longest bobsled runs, amusement park rides, a mine train, a western town and a traditional Norwegian farm. The theme park also has refreshment stands, a campsite and a hotel.

Open: Mid-April-mid-September
Hours: 10-6 during peak season, 10-5 during the off-season
Admission: $47 adults/$44 children
Children under 35″ and children who are celebrating their birthdays: free admission
Kongsgaten 20
4330 Ålgård
Phone: +47 51 61 26 66 +47 51 61 26 66
E-mail: info@kongeparken.no info@kongeparken.no
Website: Kongeparken

Children can learn about animals from all over the world at this zoo that features themed exhibits like Out of Africa, Nordic Wilderness, Tropical and Realm of the Tiger. The park also has a children’s farm, water park, pirate ships, games, and a carousel.

Open: year-round
Hours: 10-7 during peak season
Admission: See website for more details/children under 3: free
Kristiansand Dyrepark AS
4609 Kardemomme By
Phone +47 38049700, Fax +47 38043367
Website: Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park

TusenFryd is an amusement park located 12 miles south of Oslo along E6/E18 towards Sweden. The park (pictured) has more than 30 rides and games, 20+ restaurants, and is renowned for its roller coasters, including Scandinavia’s most spectacular roller coaster, the SpeedMonster, which accelerates from 0 mph to 56 mph in two seconds and lets passengers experience the feeling of 4G vertical. Then there’s ThunderCoaster, which has been voted the fifth best roller coaster in Europe. ThunderCoaster reaches a maximum speed of 62 mph and passengers will experience being weightless 12 times during the ride.

Open: June-August
Hours: 10:30-7 during July and August; check website for hours in June
Admission: $65 adults / $53 children
Children under 37″: free admission
1407 Vinterbro Norge
Phone: +47 64 97 64 97 +47 64 97 64 97
E-mail: salg@tusenfryd.no salg@tusenfryd.no
Website: TusenFryd