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�Schools of Tomorrow�, Schools of Today: What Happened to Progressive Education (History of Schools and Schooling, V. 8)

�Schools of Tomorrow,� Schools of Today documents some of the child-centered progressive schools founded in the first half of the twentieth century and provides histories of some more contemporary examples of progressive practices. Part I discusses seven progressive schools founded in the first part of the twentieth century (Francis W. Parker; Organic; Park; City and Country; Lincoln; Dalton; Arthurdale), tracing them from their beginnings to the present, or until their regrettable demises. Part II examines four more contemporary schools (Butterfield; Free Union Country; Urban Academy; W. Haywood Burns), showing how progressive practices gained momentum from the 1960s onward. As a volume in the History of Schools and Schooling series, this book seeks to look to the past for what it can teach us today. The lessons from the past about what has happened to progressive education hopefully will inform contemporary debates.
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