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9 Videos You Can’t Miss This Week


1. Is This The Most Over-The-Top Video Christmas Card Ever?

It really might be. The Holderness family’s parody of Will Smith’s “Miami,” “#XMAS JAMMIES,” went MEGA viral this week, and once you watch it you’ll understand why. (3:38)

3. Santa Claus Like You Never, Ever Asked To See Him

Remember that viral video about just how much Photoshop goes into transforming an “average” woman into a model? Ad agency Victors & Spoils took the process one step further for Christmas. One jolly, incredibly disturbing step. (1:04)

5. A Stunningly Beautiful Time-Lapse Video Of California

“Into The Atmosphere” is filmmaker Michael Shainblum’s gorgeous tribute to the natural scenery of California. Turn down the lights, put this thing in full screen, and enjoy. (3:44)

7. What It’s Like To Visit Cuba In 2013

We all have a similar mental picture of Cuba: beautiful old cars, miserably poor people, a failing country cut off from the modern world. But two BuzzFeed employees traveled there to see what it was like for themselves, and this gorgeous video documents what they found. (2:46)

9. Actually, THIS Is The Most Epic Split Of All Time

Remember when Jean-Claude Van Damme did that epic split between two trucks? Yeah, sorry, but computer-generated Chuck Norris has him beat, and with holiday cheer to boot! (1:10)

11. What Would You Do With $25,000?

As part of their promotional campaign for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Twentieth Century Fox offered filmmaker Casey Neistat $25,000 to make a video about the idea of “living your dreams.” Neistat chose to go the Philippines and spend the money helping the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, and this account of his journey is a deeply moving testament to our capacity to care about each other. (6:45)

13. “This Is What Dreams Are Made Of”

A flying cat, a setting sun, Christopher Cross’s “Sailing”… Yup, this video is pretty much perfect. (0:51)

15. Incredible CCTV Footage Of Bus Passengers Foiling An Armed Robbery

This incident took place on a Seattle bus over Thanksgiving, and the footage is absolutely nuts. Read more about the story here. (2:02)

17. One Young Man With Down Syndrome’s Reaction To Getting Into College

20-year-old Rion Holcombe applied to Clemson’s LIFE program, which is designed to give students with intellectual disabilities a college experience. The smile on his face when he finds out he got in will absolutely make your day. (1:31)

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